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Doing illustrations, graphic design, animation.

Are We Europe Podcast's 'This Is What A Generation Sounds Like'

Animation 2D, illustrations, motion design

Pocreate, Photoshop, After Effect

Work on the fourth episode from the series 'This Is What A Generation Sounds Like': intimate stories from young Europeans across the continent, for Are We Europe under the artistic direction of the talented Melody Dafonseca with the equality talented Andréa Reille.

The film won the CIVIS video award in Berlin and was shown at la Gaité Lyrique as part of the talk on futurs and migrations.

"Feeling unwanted. Knowing you are unwanted. That the asylum system has been designed to make me want to go back, to give up, even though I’ve been through hell to get here." - Mohamed Bah

Producers: Katz Laszlo Van Harreveld and Mohamed Bah
Art direction & motion design: Mélody Da Fonseca
Motion design assistant: Andréa Reille
Illustration and 2D animation assistant: Rafaelle Fillastre